"Dreams without goals remain dreams, and goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency" -Denzel Washington 

Want to be a highly respected and successful executive, manager, team member or leader within your organization? Want to handle the complexities of business and people with ease and be the actual best version of yourself in your career and life? Elissa is an expert planner and manager of human interaction and management in business and acts as a sounding board for her clients in all areas of their business, career and life. As a Human Resources professional, she has helped countless managers handle complex personnel and business issues and she knows the mindset of those who run things. Want to be the “Go to” team player, but not sure exactly how to get there? Trying to build or maintain an engaged and motivated team, which you lead with pride? Connect with Elissa today and begin your journey toward excellence in your field. 


Areas of Expertise:

Workshop Facilitation, Educational Workshops, Training & Professional Development Seminars, Executive/Wellness/Life-Coaching, Conflict Resolution & Management, Diversity & Inclusion Training, Employee Engagement, Interview Tips and Tricks, Career Transitioning, Interviewing Skills Workshops, Communication Effectiveness, Wellness and Health in the Workplace, Work Life Balance, Career and Life Planning, Ethics and Values in Business, Honesty and Integrity in the Workplace (All Areas of Expertise are offered in both English and Spanish)


Seminars Happening Now:

           • Interview Mastery! - Mock Interview & Feedback Session Seminar

           • The J.O.B. - Resume Writing & Interview Mastery Workshop

           • Life After College - Advice for Generation Y (Millennials) & Generation Z

           • Communication Tips for Leaders & Managers-Seminar

           • Customer Service Excellence

           • Conflict Resolution & Prevention in the Workplace